Fasting on Fruit Juice ~ Day 31

I’ve been a vegan-vegetarian for over 40 years and this year I’m performing a juice fast. I’ve been consuming approx. 90% fruit juice and 10% vegetable juice for over 4 weeks now. But I’ve only just begun! I’m aiming for 90~120 days at least.



~ Polymathius ~ A Compassionate Man of Ahimsa

~ Polymathius ~ A Compassionate Man of Ahimsa


Today, (Day 31:) I enter into the 2nd month of fasting on liquids. I am fasting as an act of gratitude; to acknowledge the bounty and blessings that Gaia, our Mother Earth bestows upon us, moment to moment; and to remind others that we all share a common responsibility to give back to our Mother The Earth and our Natural Environment.


Sustainability requires more than political activism. Sustainability begins at home and at the office, in our factories and our places of worship.

Day 31: I feel alert and energized. I sleep well and wake up early, refreshed and looking forward to a new day. I’ve been consuming 90% fruit juice and 10% vegetable juice for over 4 weeks now.

I’ll have to write a history of the first weeks of this fast as a guide for others, who might wish to try fasting on juice… As for the history of my life? It certainly helped being a vegetarian since age 13 and a vegan for most of my adult life!

I’ve always believed that a spiritually motivated, vegan lifestyle, is the key to preventing corruption of the body and the spirit; and that reversed aging might have been possible, had we only known and understood the precepts of ahimsa from an early age. If only we had been taught to practice faithfully, the various forms of yoga and meditation that we should have learned as young children… But we’re all schooled differently; The priorities of our modern world have been rather misguided…

Considering the way things are going these days, most of know better, so let’s hope that a vegan lifestyle, guided by the principles of ahimsa (augmented with determination and dedication) might endow one with the power of quantum healing.

I’m really hoping and praying, that this might be true.

If compassionate fasting, coupled with becoming an enlightened being, will allow me to heal myself and others, I would first set about healing the Earth and all the creatures who inhabit it. There must have been others who shared this vision in the past… Are we simply outnumbered by those who remain indifferent? Certainly the animals are tired of being needlessly slaughtered for sport and/or eaten. Clearing virgin forests to create more pasture must be brought to and end immediately. Some might argue that “it’s Nature‘s Way.” And that may be true, but only for some, and not for all.

So it all boils down to what you think of yourself. If you envision yourself a vicious beast, then you will follow that path, and you will go to the place where vicious beasts go. If, on the other hand, you envision yourself as an ascended master and bodhisattva, a Dakini and her tantric warrior, a Sky Dancer par excellence, then you will Swim in the Light, and be a Friend of the vast Darkness. A person filled with love becomes a radiant sun unto herself; Both the Darkness and Light will be your friends, your succor and your eternal lifesustaining nectar, your abode is infinite space. No longer shall you thirst, nor hunger. Your inner core will shine with the power and majesty of 10,000 suns.

If we, who do care, manage to achieve critical mass, as a majority within our society, all thinking, believing and hoping… praying for peace and enlightenment, will we one day be able to transform this planet and all its creatures into the heavenly domain that so many of us dream of?

Fasting is a process of affirmation, not of denial. Fasting is a process of allowing and not one of denying. Far better we should think of it as saying, “yes to healthy intake,” rather than saying, “no to junk foods.”  The difference is subtle, but very important. We should define ourselves by what we believe in, as opposed to barking about what we are against.

Will a prolonged period of drinking and eating uncooked fruits and vegetable, along with other fresh and healthy vegan foods, eventually result in the ability to heal ourselves and other and to forgive? Can we achieve metamorphosis and transfiguration in a single generation? One wonders? Well, there’s only one Way to find out!! You just have to Do It!

I’ll keep you posted…

Peace be with you,
Polymathius Ahimsa

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